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Hey soon-to-be graduates! I'm so glad you're interested in capturing your important graduation milestone. I photograph high school and college seniors and my photography is all about capturing your unique personality and style. I'll make sure you feel comfortable in front of the camera so your personality is what shines through. 

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**Relocating to Reno, NV for 2023-2024 Season**

Capturing Joyful, Classic Images

My favorite recent memory is of my husband and I making pasta together in a small town on the Amalfi Coast. I loved getting to experience good food, stunning views, and a lifestyle of slowing down with him by my side.

an adventurer at heart...

I'm a Texas native and currently call Austin home, but I constantly have a Delta flights tab open searching for my next destination! My family lives in Colorado so you can frequently find us hiking in the mountains. My husband and I met our freshman year at Texas A&M (whoop!) and have been doing life together ever since. We just had our first baby boy in May 2021 - Reagan Thomas! Life is better together and we love supporting each other's dreams and investing in our relationship. We've also learned that our marriage needs community & faith in order to flourish. When we ground ourselves in Jesus, we are better spouses to each other and better friends to the people around us. I value relationships so much and I love developing personal connections with my clients as well!

Lover of adventure, family, and faith

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