I am a Texas native - I grew up in Sugar Land and lived in the same house for my entire childhood. I moved to College Station to attend Texas A&M where I earned by bachelors in Chemical Engineering and my masters in Finance! You may be thinking that those are an odd combination of degrees... and you are right! I loved science and math in high school so engineering felt like the natural choice, but once I worked in the field I realized that my personality was best suited for the business world. I now use my finance degree on a daily basis and love personal and business finance! I also love combining my love of photography with my finance education through my business. 

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Seth and I started dating our freshman year of college after we had become best friends our first semester. We had our share of ups and downs but we quickly realized that we wanted this relationship to be our forever! We got engaged at the start of our junior year and married a year later. It was so fun to finish college together as a married couple and getting married is the best decision we've ever made! Since we got married so young (at 21!) we've gotten to really grow together and we love experiencing life as a team. Our idea of the perfect date night is us snuggled up on our couch with Miles (our maltipoo) while watching a movie and eating chocolate chip cookies!

I started Reilly Lynn Photography during my senior year of college! My dad is a photographer and he bought me my first camera. I had spent a year taking pictures for fun and doing friends' senior portraits when I realized that I wanted to do this thing for real! In January of 2018, I started an LLC, created this website, and started doing everything I could to learn more and grow my business!

In my first year of business, I photographed over 50 portrait sessions and 20 weddings. I also spent countless hours taking courses and attending workshops to learn everything I could to perfect my art and serve my clients to the best of my ability. And the more I learned, the more I fell in love with photography!  

If you are a potential client, I'd love to serve you through photography! Click the link below to get in touch regarding your senior pictures or your wedding day!

Photo by Kristina Ross Photography

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